Welcome to Seinergy

“To the extent that there is supporting documentation these measures are no different than any other measure.”– Julie Amos, WA State Auditor’s Office 4/20/15

“Having that invoice with that detail on it was critical”– Tom Bernard, WA State Auditor’s 4/20/15

Seinergy addresses the data gap between the residential energy efficiency achievements (people making their homes more efficient) and utilities. We are the first and only energy efficiency data aggregator in the Pacific Northwest.

Utilities who work with us know their customers better, comply with state regulations at the lower costs, and get more credit for the energy efficiency successes of their customers. Installers who chose to work with enjoy greater profit margins and appreciate the streamlined documentation process we provide.

Our Goal is:
To streamline energy efficiency, deliver energy savings that advance the region’s energy efficiency goals.

Problem & Solution
Utilities want homeowners to increase the energy efficiency of their homes, and they value understanding what upgrades take place in their service territory. Each utility has their own rules and paperwork, and for the hundreds of contractors installing energy efficiency upgrades keeping track of each utility’s special rules can be overwhelming.  As a result much of the qualified efficiency work does not get counted by utilities.

Seinergy provides contractors with a single point of contact regardless of heating fuel, pays contractors for the service of collecting data, and provides trackable, verifiable, low cost energy efficiency savings to utilities.  We streamline the process of quantifying energy improvements so contractors can focus on their core business and achieve more work each year. By reducing paperwork for contractors, homeowners benefit from quicker service and in some cases lower project costs.  We also offer homeowners a free analysis of their utility bills so they can see the actual results from their investments.